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Item Name Price $ Weight/Qty
Fish Pakora$ 13.99Lb.
Chicken Kabab$ 14.99Lb.
Chicken Tikka$ 14.99Lb.
Lamb Kabab$ 14.99Lb.
Chilly Soya Chap ( 5 Pcs. )$ 14.99
Tandoori Soya Chap (5 Pcs)$ 12.50
Chilli Paneer (Appetizer style)$ 15.99Each
Amritsary Kulcha (Mix)$ 5.99Each
Onion Kulcha$ 5.99Each
Potato Kulcha or Paneer Kulcha$ 5.99Each
Amritsary Kulcha Plate$ 11.00P.Plate
Vegi. Manchurian$ 14.99P.Plate
Gole Gappa ( 30 Pcs Pack)$ 18.00P.Plate


Item Name Price $ Weight/Qtyt
Samosa$ 1.50 Each
Samosa Plate ( 2 Samosa with Chana)$ 7.99P.Plate
Aloo Tikki$ 2.00 Each
Aloo Tikki ( 2 Aloo Tikki with Chana)$ 7.99P.Plate
Chana Bhatura / Chana Puri$ 8.00P.Plate
Spring Roll$ 1.50Each
Kachori$ 2.50Each
Vegi Pakora$ 8.00Lb.
Paneer Pakora$ 10.99Lb.
Gobi Pakora$ 8.99Lb.
Paneer Tikka$ 13.99Lb.
Pappdi Chat$ 7.99P.Plate
Dahi Bhalla$ 8.99Lb.


Item Name Price $ Weight/Qty
Naan$ 2.99Each
Garlic Naan$ 3.99Each
Stuffed Naan$ 5.99Each
Tandoori Roti$ 2.50Each
Tava Roti$ 2.50Each
Lacha Prantha$ 3.99Each
Bhatura / Puri$ 1.99Each
Missi Roti$ 2.99Each
Aloo Prantha$ 5.99Each
Mooli Prantha$ 5.99Each
Paneer Prantha$ 5.99Each


Item Name Price $
Shahi Paneer$ 15.99
Palak Paneer$ 14.99
Kadhahi Paneer$ 14.99
Chilli Paneer$ 14.99
Paneer Bhurji$ 15.99
Muttar Paneer$ 14.99
Paneer Tikka Masala$ 16.99
Malai Kofta$ 14.99
Mix Vegitable$ 13.99
Aloo Gobi$ 13.99
Bhindi Masala$ 15.99
Chana Masala$ 12.99
Dal Tadka$ 11.99
Dal Makhni$ 11.99
Butter Chicken$ 15.99
Goat Currey$ 15.99
Chilli Chickn$ 15.99
Chicken Currey$ 14.99
Fish Curry$ 14.99
Lamb Vindaoo$ 16.99
Lamb Currey$ 16.99
Chicken Tikka Masala$ 16.99


Item Name Price $
Jeera Rice$ 7.99
Rice Pulao$ 8.99
Veg.Biryani$ 13.99
Non-Veg Biryani$ 14.99


Item Name Price $
Green Salad$ 4.99


Item Name Price $ Weight/Qty
Rasmalai$ 2.50Each
Hot Gulab Jamun$ 1.00Each
Hot Gajrela$ 12.00Lb.
Kulfi Faluda$ 5.00P.Plate
Ice Cream$ 5.00P.Plate
Kulfi Gulab Jamun$ 5.00P.Plate
Rice Puding$ 5.00P.Plate
Moong Dal Halwa$ 5.00P.Plate
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